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Ever since a young age, I knew that I wanted to express myself creatively and searched for a long time for an outlet that not only satisfied my creative desires but also provided a livelihood.

The first part of my creative journey was through theatre in Florida while growing up. Then at the ripe age of 18 curiosity led me to Los Angeles where I learned about the world of film and photography and quickly realized photography was a match for me. Some years later I discovered weddings and it was then, that I fell in love with the space where I could combine my love of the arts with both storytelling and nostalgia. 
Ten years later, wedding photography has provided more than I could've ever imagined. Not only has it fed my hunger for travel and transported me all over— from Los Angeles and San Francisco, all the way to the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, but it has also given me the incredible opportunity to connect and collaborate with people from all over the world who I would've never met otherwise.

Hi there! My name is Lauren (Lo for short) and here is a bit about me—

Educator & Photographer

Lo Dixon

My Story

about ME //

I want to make others feel welcome.
To help them feel seen, their creative voices heard and valued and shower them with love & support.


Because of these blessings, I decided to dedicate a huge part of my life to helping other creatives blossom too.


One of the greatest lessons I learned was when I packed my life into six suitcases, bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii determined to become a photographer and found myself back in California two weeks later with a sad bank account and crushed dreams.

Thankfully though I didn't give up, because that same year after much perseverance I booked over 75 weddings and made six figures. It really is true what they say— many times people give up, when they are just one step away from finding their own definition of success. 

400 hundred weddings, two photography businesses and a million plus dollars in revenue later, and I'm doing life in Hawaii now, teaching other creatives online the complete framework to finding success in the wedding photography industry and getting it right the first go round! 

It wasn't easy getting to where I am today. I spent many years figuring things out by tirelessly researching, asking others for advice and simply working by trial-and-error (and that means making many mistakes).


I was once a, "starving artist", with the same struggles many have today.

THE creative JOURNEY

My Mission

the shop

I want you to have an easy ride. To learn everything in one place and save you the many years it took me to figure it out.

MY goal